Oklahoma Wesleyan University President First to Sign Oklahoma Personhood Petition

Dr. Everett Piper became the honorary first signature on the Oklahoma Personhood Amendment Initiative on Friday. Dr. Piper has served as President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University in Bartlesville, Oklahoma since August of 2002.

“It’s clear that Dr. Piper understands the role of government in protecting the natural and God-given rights of the preborn,” said Personhood Oklahoma Director Dan Skerbitz.  “The Oklahoma Personhood Initiative is the first step towards recognizing that rights are inherent in every person, at every age. We wish to thank Dr. Piper for his leadership and his courage in promoting the equality of every individual.”

To reach the November ballot, Personhood Oklahoma and the grassroots volunteers must collect 155,000 signatures in the next 90 days.

The Oklahoma Personhood Amendment would define the term “person,” as used to ensure the inherent right to life in the Oklahoma Constitution, to include every human being from the beginning of life, at conception, to natural death.

Similar to the 14th amendment of the United States Constitution, Oklahoma’s new state constitutional personhood amendment will guarantee that the rights of persons are not “denied without due process of law” or “equal protection under the law due to age, place of residence, or medical condition.”

Dr. Piper speaks boldly and unapologetically on issues such as natural law, unalienable rights, self-evident truths, and the unavoidable consequences of ideas on personal, political, community and corporate well-being.  Dr. Piper has been a routine guest on talk radio across the country, commenting on issues such as healthcare reform, academic freedom, private vs. public education, and basic liberty and freedom in the market square of ideas.

Dr. Piper is the author of the book: The Wrong Side of the Door: Why Ideas Matter, an anthology of essays on the Pride of Politics, the Arrogance of the Academy, and the Pathology of Power. The book has been republished under the title: Why I Am a “Liberal” and Other Conservative Ideas including additional chapters addressing the existence of God, the problem of evil, assumptions of “rightness” in a culture of radical relativism and epistemological nihilism, as well as arguments for the moral ontological premise for sexual behavior.

Dr. Piper hosts a radio program called “Ideas Matter” which airs in northeast Oklahoma.